Monday, March 17, 2008

Gym Magazine Observations

I used to get Money magazine as some sort of add-on to Fortune. It is exactly the same as Kiplinger's, which I read on the Stairmaster yesterday.

Picture of slim white couple in new clothes. Caption: "Steve and Madison Henderson of Minneapolis bought there downtown condo for $299,000 after shopping around."

Repeat, repeat, repeat. Where do they find these people and why do I care that they bought a condo in Minneapolis?

I then read an article about a couple looking to sell their house and invest the proceeds. Near the end, the article says something like they should invest in a mutal fund, like the M*rsico 21st Century Fund. LOOK! M*rsico Funds have the ad on the back of the magazine! What are the odds?

What a piece of s***.



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