Monday, May 23, 2005


Done five dives already in lovely Tobago. Two more tomorrow morning. Four were j
ust the "usual" reef fish with lots of colours, barracuda, puffers, and shit lik
e that. This morning's first dive was crazy. We went about 80-90 feet down (in t
heory, deeper than I am supposed to go) into this sunken wreck. We went in and a
round the wreck. Two crazy big spotted eagle rays and a cool sea turtle came by
to check us out. The second ray's tail/stinger thingy had to be at least 6 or 7
feet long. Much like the ladies around Danny Miles, the fish here will just come
by to say hello.

It is friggin' hot here today. I thought I was just being a white guy, but one o
f the locals said it is scorching today. I think I am getting a sunburn throw th
e walls of the Internet cafe. I saw a guy walking his goats today. There are goa
ts everywhere and this guy had like 20 on a leash. Some other person's goat who
was grazing came over to join the party and the guy was going crazy trying to sh
oo the poor goat away.


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