Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Racist Soccer Fans

Will they refund the fans for the bananas thrown at the black players?

My Comcast On Demand had that episode of Real Sports about crazy racists in European soccer. It was so good it was comedy. Bryant Gumbel is sitting there talking to the head of UEFA about the banana throwing. He basically says, "So, you and the other 30 old white men whose pictures are on the wall behind me don't plan on doing anything about this?" They even had footage (I didn't get the player's name) of a top Roma player giving the crowd a Hitler salute at the end of a game. Classic.

They had an entire section of the stadium. They had a GIANT banner that said Aushwitz is your home, the ovens are your home. We are not talking about a little poster here. It was the entire end of the stadium.

My old co-workers say East Indian people can't get into many bars in Calgary.


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