Saturday, July 22, 2006


Here is my situation. My job is not that thrilling. But it is 9-5:30 and not very stressful. The company has tons of bonuses, parties, and shit like that. I had my quarterly review yesterday and I scored "well above expectations" despite being my usual self. My boss noted my sometimes lack of enthousiasm. This did not shock me. I get this EVERY review.

The difficulty is that I am so bored that I may go on a shooting rampage anyday now. Seattle is the city that fun forgot. My co-worker's wife asked me if I liked Seattle and I gave a vague answer. She said, "Ya, it sucks here." Going to Vegas three times in 3 months may be a sign.

Option #1 is to be lazy and just stay here until I get my green card in a year. I have no idea what to do after that, besides look for jobs in South Florida, Vegas, or California.

Option #2 is to try to move back to Toronto. This is likely almost impossible as every GreenElbow employee is looking for the same job and the Sregor messaging people hate me.

Option #3. I have not thought of it yet.

Frig, where is spell check? Enthousiastic is spelled poorly.


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