Sunday, April 17, 2005


I have now spent as much time in Barbados on a layover as I have in Winnipeg. Barbados looks slightly nicer.

Port of Spain is rather odd. Rumour has it that they speak English here, but I am not convinced. I am doing the "answer the question you think the person is asking routine."

Woman at roti place doing a sweeping motion with hand: "jkfjwkfjwkjfwkfjwk"
Me: "Yes" (I would like everything on it).
WOman at roti place looks at drink fridge: "jdfksjf jsdfksjf jsdfkjsfkj".
Me: "Orange"..
WOman ar roti place shakes head: "skjaskj sdfkjskfj"
Me: "Grape".

Grabell, tell this one to Alvin. I am at Hosein's Roti Hut near all the banks around Frederick street. Five people entered the restaurant, walked up to me, and asked me if they could eat my food.

I will not be staying a year.


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