Friday, April 22, 2005

Just down the street from my work...

I busted out my gat and my tek9. Seriously, this shit is just down the street.

"REAL people have to dead up in the Terrace by Thursday."

Members of a John John gang ensured their leaders' word bore fruit when they shot and killed Plaisance Terrace resident Oba Jones on the bustling Independence Square minutes after midday struck yesterday.

The incident occurred around 12.05 p.m., on the Brian Lara Promenade, directly opposite Republic Bank and just across the road from the Police Mobile Unit.

Shoppers and many workers out on their lunch break were forced to scamper for cover when the four shots rang out.

Dudes, read the paragraph where the woman who was shot in the leg says that she is upset that she didn't get to eat her lunch. Sweet!

One of the bullets struck 21-year-old Licensing Office clerk Lystra Wright in the lower left leg. Wright had just come out of the bank and was on her way to purchase lunch when she was hit.

Speaking with the Daily Express from her hospital bed, Wright said she did not recall hearing the gunshots. She said she was on her way to get lunch at the Voyager Mall, and realised she was shot when she felt a burning sensation in her leg and looked down and saw a small hole. She was in good spirits, saying the one thing that angered her was that she was unable to get her lunch.


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